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Bevel Head

Check out Arc Cutting Industries' latest video to see our patent pending bevel cutting technology at work on the Arc Cut Pro machine. Subscribe to our YouTube channel and follow on social media for more videos like this.

Cut beveled parts with speed and precision using the new Bevel-Head from Arc Cutting Industries. Our patent pending bevel technology can reach places never before thought possible on a burn-table. Equipped with a built-in crash detect, the machine shuts down in case of a collision to help keep your plasma torch safe from harm. Using our advanced laser system, the bevel-head obtains information from the plate for auto-skewing and plate mapping which improves efficiency and cut quality.

  • Our new bevel-head will cut quality beveled parts with speed and precision
  • Protect your machine with the built-in crash detector
  • Advanced laser system used for auto-skewing and plate mapping
  • Built from high-quality machined parts
  • Patent Pending Technology that out-reaches the competition