Customer Support and Sales

Lincoln Electric Service

Arc Solutions, Inc specializes in the repair and reconditioning of the Lincoln Electric Power Wave 450R and Power Wave 450 Non-Robotic. We have all the parts on hand to completely rebuild these from the ground up.

When your machine arrives at our facility it is triaged, thoroughly cleaned, followed by the repair of all detected problems. After we have repaired the machine, it is tested using our standard test procedures to ensure it is operating at its best.

Genuine Lincoln Parts

Our expertise isn’t limited to just the Power Wave 450. The specialists here at Arc Solutions, Inc. also work on the complete Power Wave family, including:

  • 355M
  • 455
  • 455/R
  • 455M
  • Power Feed 10R
  • Power Feed 10M
  • Power Feed 84
  • AutoDrive 4R90
  • AutoDrive 4R100
  • AutoDrive 4R220

We service all Lincoln Electric equipment, we are not limited to the models listed here.