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Machine System Software

Machine System Overview

The Arc Cut Pro's Machine System Software comes with all the tools you need to get the most out of every run. With an interactive 3D view that's uniquely designed for each specific machine, you can view cutting progress in real-time. Advanced Features like Automatic Plate Skewing and Remnant Tracing utilize the built-in laser to obtain information from the plate. Parameters based on each specific operation type can be adjusted to maximize cut quality.

Database Parameters and Parameter Adjustments

  • Parameter screen captureBuilt-in parameter database where parameters can be quickly added and modified for each specific operation type
  • Save time by eliminating the need to enter your cut parameters before every run
  • Makes changes to cut speed and amps, lead-in data, torch height control and gas parameters all from one location
  • Make real-time adjustments to operation parameters while the machine is running to dial-in the best results


Parameter Adjustment graphic

Laser Plate Mapping and Automatic Plate Skewing

  • plate skew screen captureAutomatic plate skewing using the built-in laser system will align the machine to the plate surface and minimize scrap
  • The Precision Lifter uses Plate Mapping data from the laser to compensate for height changes in the material
  • Remnant Tracing with the laser will allow you to use extra material that may have been leftover from previous nests

Using it's built-in Laser System, the Arc Cut Pro has the capability to find the exact position of the plate even if it's skewed. Automatic Plate Skewing will align the machine with a skewed plate to increase efficiency and minimize wasted material. The machine also uses Advanced Plate Mapping technology which will allow the precision lifter to automatically compensate for any height changes or debris on the material to create a superior cut quality.

Easy to Navigate with Advanced Features

  • Includes many in-depth features and options while maintaining a straight-forward and simple design.
  • Saved locations will let the torch automatically move to specific postitions speeding up the process of changing consumables and other tasks
  • View production statistics by date to show the number of paths, parts, and nests completed along with machine operation time
  • View nozzle and electrode life based on number of pierces and easily reset the pierce counter after changing consumables on the torch
  • Toolbox includes monitors and diagnostics screens which allows for easier troubleshooting and remote services.