TOPCUT™ Sanding Discs 4-1/2 ” (15P453)


Top of the line in finishing applications

  • Diameter: 4-1/2″ 
  • Arbor: 7/8″ 
  • Grit: 36 

Must order in quantities of 25


TOPCUT™ sanding discs are now 50% faster than before, with a longer working life to help you maximize the efficiency of your sanding processes. Designed using longer lasting abrasive grains, TOPCUT™ is ideal for finishing applications on stainless steel, and can maximize your stock removal in any given application. Cooler sanding also guarantee your metal will not overheat, helping to preserve it and resulting in a beautiful finished product.

  • Abrasive grains applied by electrostatic process
  • High strength heat resistant bond for longest life
  • Provide consistent quality finishes
  • Zirconium grain to remove more material faster
  • Recommended material use on stainless steel and steel

Additional information

Weight .08 lbs


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