CM-743U Manual Wire Feeder


Durable, reliable wire feeders are a must for productivity and trouble-free performance. That’s why OTC DAIHEN wire feeders feature enclosed drive mechanisms, built-in control circuits, four-feed rolls, and other features designed to keep your welding operation running smoothly and consistently. All wire feeders are configured for hard wires and air-cooled torches as a standard configuration.

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  • Four-feed rolls provide increased drive force with any wire alloy, including soft aluminum
  • Control circuits are built into the power source for incredible durability
  • Fully enclosed wire drive mechanism keeps out dirt and grime
  • Standard wire cover flap keeps dirt and grime away from the welding wire
  • Optional, fully enclosed wire reel cover offers additional protection
  • Wire feeders compatible with OTC DAIHEN MIG guns or any other major brand

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Weight 29 lbs


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