Tweco® Series 4 Replacement Tweco Style Liner (WTP-TWL-3545-15-S4)



(Tweco Style Torch Liner .035-.045 x 15ft.)

E-Power® Torch Liners are designed to provide superior feedability with a low wire skid friction. The spring liners are made with a helically wound elliptical wire with a proprietary coating that both reduces friction and eliminates wire shaving. The result is a durable, long lasting torch liner that will reduce costly downtime caused by wire feeding issues. Patent pending design.

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  • Patent pending Elliptical Wire Liner with proprietary coating reduces skid friction, wire vibration and eliminates wire shaving
  • Long life due to less friction and reduced wear
  • Durable outer jacket extends 60” (1524 mm) to minimize gas loss at back of the torch
  • Reduces costly downtime caused by wire feeding issues
  • Color coded heat shrink for easy identification: White: .030 – .045 (0.8-1.2mm); Red: .045 – 1/16 (1.2-1.6mm); Blue: 5/64 (2.0mm); Black: 3/32 (2.4mm)
  • Available in lengths between 6’-25’ (1.8-7.6m), as well as jump liners for select torches

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Weight .2 lbs


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