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Steel Solutions

Steel Solutions Overview

Steel Solutions is a fully featured part editing and nesting software designed to handle all of your part and plate preparation needs. Create new parts or import existing ones from multiple file formats and make changes using the newly re-designed CAD/CAM part editor. Advanced nesting features, including true-shape plate nesting, chain-cutting and remnant management, will increase efficiency and productivity by allowing you to get the most out of every plate.

Part Design and Development

  • Import parts from DSTV, DXF, SVG or create parts from scratch using a customizable shape library. Choose from a list of predefined shapes (including structural material such as beams, angle, channel, and tubing) or create your own.
  • Newly re-designed part editor complete with an array of drawing tools and programmable operations for building new parts or editing existing ones
  • Automated part improvement includes path smoothing and scribe trimming as well as checking for duplicate operations and bad connections on a part
  • Program operations from certain points on a part or create your own custom coordinate system for programming
  • 2D and 3D part viewing as well as auto-dimensiong will give you all the tools needed to ensure part accuracy
  • Automatically generates leads based on thickness, leads can be changed for each individual path or modified all at once

Advanced Plate Nesting

  • Get the most out of your material with our advanced nesting features such as: true-shape plate nesting, part-in-part, and the built-in optimizer
  • Choose which portion of the plate to save as a remnant by adding a custom crop cut
  • If a completed nest contains a remnant, it will be automatically added to steel solutions and available for nesting
  • The new Inventory Forecasting feature predicts costs and material that will be required to complete a job. Also, compare results between block and true shape nesting.
  • In-depth list of nesting settings gives you ultimate control on how your parts are nested including part spacing, kerfing, collision detection, cut order, part mirroring, nesting sequence, and much more
  • Nest status is automatically fed back to steel solutions from the machine so production can easily be tracked from the shop or the office.

Built-in Part Library

  • Templates are available from the Steel Solutions built-in part library which includes many standard shapes

  • Easily edit the templates by changing part dimensions, operation sizes, machine overrides and more.