Written by arcmaster

Are You Using Modular Welding Fixtures?

Your weld needs are changing and so are your fixtures. In this ever-changing industry shouldn’t your weld fixtures be as adaptable as you? Modular fixturing allows you to do that.

What Are Modular Welding Fixtures?

A modular fixturing system is composed of a flat welding table with precise machined holes for the setup of clamps and components on the tabletop. This set up makes fixture components interchangeable and reusable, allowing for the quick accurate set up of new jobs saving time and not sacrificing quality.

Modular fixtures can bring a benefit to almost all work environments; from being able to be used in the smallest to largest factories they also maintain the same accuracy of permanent fixtures at a lower cost. You can also save on the floor space that standard fixtures consume when not being used.

Eliminate the high price of machining new fixtures and the lost value in dedicated fixtures. With the correct modular fixturing system, you can create fixtures on the fly without the worry of costly engineering changes making your permanent fixtures obsolete.

Ready to take the next step? Modular fixturing can come in many shapes and sizes and choosing the correct setup for your needs can be tricky. The experts at Arc Solutions are here to help match up the correct fixturing system that best suits your needs.

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