How Arc Solutions, Inc. Can Help You Today

With a combined 100+ years of welding and metalworking experience, the Arc Solutions, Inc. team has compiled a number of customer-driven services designed to meet the needs of companies throughout the United States. Looking to breathe life into an existing system? Repair aging equipment? Buy a new machine? We’ve got you covered on all fronts.

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Purchasing welding & Cutting Products

Arc Solutions offers equipment and components from top trusted brands. We only carry the best and safest products the industry has to offer and each team member is a product expert that can help you decide what you need most.

Refine production. Upgrade performance. Compete at the highest level.

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Welder Repair Service

Experiencing a drop in performance, costly delays or inexcusable downtime? Arc Solutions’ team of expert technicians can thoroughly service your equipment and get you back in action faster.

Verify functionality. Minimize downtime. Trust your machines again.

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Our Preventative Maintenance Program

The best offense is a good defense, which is why we have created our proactive Preventative Maintenance Program that is designed to routinely test, calibrate and clean your equipment.

Boost lifespans. Improve performance. Spend less money in the long run.

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Welding Automation & Integration

As technology improves and demands increase, automation will only become more of a necessity and less of a luxury. We have the systems and solutions necessary to meet these rising consumer and client demands.

Decrease costs. Reduce scrap. Improve product consistency.

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Our Preventative Maintenance Program

Neglect can spell disaster for your machine’s shelf-life which will cost you more in the long run. We have established a full-service Preventative Maintenance Program designed to strengthen the everyday performance of your welding and plasma equipment improve each machine’s lifespan. Testing. Calibration. Cleaning. Our certified technicians ensure your equipment comes back to your factory as clean as possible – inside and out.


Minimize your downtime today