Preventative Maintenance Program

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Arc Solutions offers a full-service Preventive Maintenance Program (PM) for all your welding and plasma equipment. When you partner with us, you can expect your equipment to run through a unique cleaning and drying process before arriving back to your factory cleaned and ready to weld. While in our care, machines are tested to verify functionality and calibrated to factory specifications.

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The Importance of Properly Maintaining Your Equipment

Is downtime critical to your operation? How about machine efficiency, reliability, and overall maintenance/downtime cost? When dirt, metallic dust, grease, and machine lubricants accumulate inside the equipment, they cause higher internal operating temperatures. As these internal machine temperatures rise, the electronic and mechanical components start to fail prematurely. Have you noticed an increase of machine downtime during the summer months? Arc Solutions has a cost-effective solution to keep your machines in top running condition.

Machine Cleaning & Testing/Calibration Costs

Preventive Maintenance Cleaning

$110.00 \ Per Welding or plasma power source
$50.00 \ Per wire feeder


$215 \ Per welding or plasma power source
 (Does not include detailed cleaning of interior/exterior of machine)
$215 \ Per welding wire feeder
 (Does not include detailed cleaning of interior/exterior of machine)


$100.00 \ Per welding or plasma power source
$50.00 \ Per welding wire feeder
$145.00 \ Per welding system at customer location
Note: Any parts replacement and associated labor costs will be billed in addition to the PM program cost.

Get A Closer Look At Our Work With These Before & Afters:

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Motor Freight: Distance doesn't matter to us

Not located in the regional area but still need expert-level preventative maintenance? No problem. Arc Solutions offers motor freight services to transport your equipment from your facility to ours for world-class service. We have customers across the United States currently using motor freighting to take advantage of our Preventative Maintenance Program – and we want you to join them!

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When you partner with us, you can rest easy knowing your machines are being worked on by a qualified company. We are an authorized Distributor, Integrator and Repair Service Center. We are also a Regional Lincoln Automation Service Facility. Have additional questions about our Preventative Maintenance Program?

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