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Our priority is to earn repeat business by providing quality metalworking equipment and plasma cutting machines for your production requirements. As a certified ProArc USA distributor, we are committed to providing our customers with an incomparable level of service for our products. Years of experience, expertise & dedication to customer satisfaction make our equipment lineup the strongest the industry has to offer. And don’t worry: ProArc USA insures all products are manufactured with the latest industry standards.

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High-speed precision CNC cutting machine ideally suited for High Definition Plasma. This modular machine is easy to relocate and saves floor space without sacrificing quality.

The Details & Features:

  • All-in-one compact design including gantry, fume collection duct and table
  • MicroEdge Pro controller
  • Precision rack & pinion dual drive
  • Double linear way in transverse & longitudinal axis
  • High-efficiency sequential zone fume collection table ready for use
  • For 1 plasma only (high definition plasma power supply recommended)
  • Easy installation & minimum setup time

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Master Series

The Master Series is a line of CNC cutting systems designed to be reliable, cost-effective and high performing. To meet individual requirements, the Master Series provides a broad range of options that allow configurations of multiple oxy-fuel & high-definition torches.

The Details & Features:

  • Latest Hypertherm CNC controls designed for high-density plasma
  • Delta super-duty AC servos & drives
  • Precision gear reducer
  • Festo pneumatics throughout
  • Oversized precision racks & pinions
  • Self-compensating pinions for constant repeatability
  • Precision square way linear bearings

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Auto Drill Machine

ProArc Drill+ table type CNC drilling machine is an automatic, efficient and high-performance auto drilling machine.

The Details & Features:

  • IPC-Based CNC Control System
  • AC Servo Motors
  • Automatic Tool length detection
  • Automatic Plate thickness detector
  • Dual Coolant through spindle and side
  • Quick change Tool System (optional)
  • Plate alignment laser
  • Auto Lubrication
  • Milling and Tapping up to 1.25″ diameter
  • Drilling up to 3.875″ diameter

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Circumference Welding Machine

The system employs PLC controller together with 5.6 inches, full-color TFT touch screen HMI. A closed-loop driver system is also included to maintain the constant rotation speed HMI. A closed-loop driver system is also included to maintain the constant rotation speed and increase accuracy, stability and efficiency.

The Details & Features

  • Full digital & PLC control support flexible welding process setting and multiple programmable welding sequences edit.
  • The system includes alarm history, alarm messages and PLC I/O monitoring functions.
  • Tilt style main frame design that allows 7 angular position adjustment from vertical to horizontal position (0~90°).
  • Multi-function welding bracket assembly for all positions.
  • 75 mm stroke adjustable pneumatic clamping of tailstock and movement on high precision linear guide way.
  • TA-100 pneumatic torch actuator with 4″ stroke to control welding torch positioning.
  • Welding table equipped with low backlash precision reducer and include .750″ diameter through-hole for gas purge.
  • Allows for input voltage hookup 100~240V AC without manual linking. All units are high frequency protected.

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Longitude Seamer

ProArc seamers are designed for straight-line welding of all weldable metals of thickness from .004-.375 inches. It provides 100% penetration, single-pass weld on untacked cylinders and flat sheets without heat distortion to the material. This optimizes any process which reduces welding costs and improves the quality of the weld.

The Details & Features

  • Servo Motor drive system
  • Special clamping unit for untacked joint
  • Precision torch movement with machined beam and track providing accurate carriage travel
  • Heat sinks for maximum heat removal from the workpiece
  • Exceptional visibility around the weld head and work area
  • Copper finger clamping provides uniform heat removal and Arc-Blow is virtually eliminated

Download the longitude seamer spec sheet

T-Cut CNC Tube System

PC-based tube processing system designed for the high production of square or rectangular tube.

The Details & Features

  • PC Based Hypertherm Edge Control
  • Tube support for Long Lengths Up To 40′ Processed Tube
  • Min Tube Dimensions 1.5” to Max Tube Dimensions 6”
  • Longitudinal Motor Feed Drive System
  • Includes Hypertherm Tube Processing Package
  • Touch Screen Operation
  • Pneumatic Tube Support & Placement
  • Square or Rectangular Tube
  • Includes Hypertherm Plasma Power Supply

Download the t-cut cnc tube system spec sheet

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