Cobots: The Future Of Welding Automation

Cobots. These tech marvels are more than just a pretty face – they’re here to revolutionize various aspects, especially when it comes to saving you money. If you’re aiming for precision in measuring cobot productivity, our team is ready to craft a tailored cycle time analysis just for you. Don’t hesitate, reach out and let’s unlock the potential together.

Streamline Shop Operations With a Single Investment

  • Easily Programmable– Everyday welders can now teach cobots
  • Faster Setup – Easy programming makes in-shop setup a breeze
  • Consistency – Once a point is taught with the cobot, it is repeated identically
  • Customizable – Numerous options to fit the needs of any shop
  • Safety – Designed to work in collaboration with you
  • Portable – Lincoln Electric Cooper™ Cobot is on a wheeled cart

Redefine Productivity and Cost Efficiency

Imagine a welding world supercharged by cutting-edge tech, where projects flow seamlessly and costs shrink. Enter cobot machines – more than tools, they’re allies slashing work hours, optimizing materials, and unveiling real savings. Let’s explore how cobots can revolutionize your welding experience. Discover the details with cycle time analysis, your roadmap to efficiency. Ready to elevate your welding game?

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Not seeing what cobots you need?

We also offer the Yaskawa Motoman material-handling cobots for your manufacturing needs.

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