September 15, 2018


We have your welding automation and integration solutions. The team of specialists here at Arc Solutions, Inc., will bring knowledge and expertise to your project. Our company can provide you with turn-key solutions to meet your fabrication needs. 

New Automation systems


Now is the time for your organization to benefit from the advantages of automated welding.

  • Improved weld quality
    • Integrity and repeatability – our systems provide weld integrity through consistency. Combining mechanized torch and part motions with electronic recall of welding parameters results in a higher quality weld than can be accomplished manually.
    • Repeatability –  Gain consistent and repeatable results. 
  • Increased output – Robots can work around the clock and never call in sick. With minimal set-up time and higher weld speeds, a mechanized welding system can easily outpace a skilled manual welder.
  • Decreased scrap – Remove human error from the equation with automation. A weld only takes place when all requirements are satisfied. The cost savings in scrap alone may justify your automated welding system purchase!
  • Lower production costs – Robotic welders will fully produce parts at lower production costs, increasing overall productivity and quality. A fully automatic system can be built with twin welding positioners on an automated shuttle , allowing parts to be loaded and unloaded at one station while welding occurs at the other. This system gives you twice the output of a skilled welder.


Automation System Repair

Our experienced technicians are on standby to repair or improve your current automation systems. Our team’s knowledge has made us an industry leader in the repair and upgrade of automated welding systems.