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Lincoln POWER MIG 215 MPi vs POWER MIG 140 MP: Find What Suits Your Needs

Hobbyist and professional alike, Lincoln Electric has a welder to suit everyone. Their vast array of welders range from portable shop units that plug into a typical household outlet, all the way to engine drives that pull behind utility vehicles for industrial work. In this article, we are going to dive into two of the many shop units Lincoln Electric has to offer; the Lincoln POWER MIG 215 MPi and the Lincoln POWER MIG 140 MP Multi-Process Welder

Lincoln POWER MIG 140 MP Multi-Process Welder

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Let’s start with the POWER MIG 140 MP. This unit is a multi-process welder which means that it has MIG, Stick, Flux-Cored, and DC TIG welding capabilities. Users can easily access the TIG capabilities on this machine by purchasing the POWER MIG 140 MP TIG One-Pak®. The package includes a Lincoln Electric TIG torch and foot pedal. This option is convenient as it provides users with a comprehensive welding solution all in one purchase. The versatility of this compact and powerful unit is one of its many attractive features.

 The POWER MIG 140 MP is an excellent choice for small, on-the-go type projects. This unit weighs in at 35 lbs and plugs into a household 120V power source, which makes transport an ease from the garage to the shop. Lincoln Electric describes this machine as, “If you can only have one welder, the POWER MIG 140 MP from Lincoln Electric is the one to have.” Portability and versatility aren’t the only selling points for this unit. Affordability can certainly squeeze its way into why it is a top seller in the Lincoln Electric line-up. The POWER MIG 140 MP comes in at a price point of $969 making it one of Lincoln Electric’s least expensive welders. 

It’s clear the POWER MIG 140 MP delivers on its promise of versatility and accessibility, making it a top-seller in the Lincoln Electric lineup. This machine proves that great quality does not require a hefty price tag.

Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 215 MPi™ Multi-Process Welder

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Now let’s uncover the Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 215 MPi™ Multi-Process Welder. This unit can attack all the same projects the POWER MIG 140 MP can handle and then some. The POWER MIG 215 MPi is capable of MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux-Cored welding when paired with the proper equipment. This machine offers two different One-Pak® options:

The POWER MIG 215 MPi houses a more robust design in size and shape. The unit offers multiple lift points and weighs under 50 lbs. The machine includes an adaptor for 230V to 120V so the user can utilize its dual input voltage with any common power source. These combinations of features gear the Lincoln Electric POWER MIG 215 MPi towards general fabrication jobs, small contractors, and repair personnel. 

With the capability to withstand heavier duty jobs, the price also follows suit. However, this does not make the machine unaffordable by any means. The ArcFX® Technology in this unit provides instant visual feedback on how settings affect the weld outcome, which is certainly a factor in the expense of the machine. Other technological related expense factors consist of the simple Ready.Set.Weld® setup to make it easier to get started and the memory available to easily recall saved settings to get welding faster. When compared to others in the same class of work as the POWER MIG 215 MPi that also share similar capabilities and technology, this machine comes in at one of the lowest price points of $1,999. This price also includes Lincoln Electric’s 3 year warranty in the event of system failure. 

The POWER MIG 215 MPi stands out as a reliable and cost-effective solution for welding enthusiasts and professionals. The unit’s next-level and user-friendly technology makes this a great choice for any welder at work. The machine's versatility is its ability to take on MIG, TIG, Stick and Flux-Cored projects, making it one that is hard to beat. The POWER MIG 215 MPi is a higher price point than the POWER MIG 140 MP, but is undoubtedly a competitive choice for the features it offers.

Lincoln Electric Solutions: Power MIG 215 MPi & Power MIG 140 MP

Both the Lincoln POWER MIG 140 MP and POWER MIG 215 MPi showcase the quality and innovation of Lincoln Electric. The POWER MIG 140 MP caters to hobbyists, offering versatility at an affordable price point. On the other hand, the POWER MIG 215 MPi steps up the game with enhanced capabilities suitable for heavier-duty tasks, coupled with advanced technology features. While the POWER MIG 140 MP excels in entry-level applications, the POWER MIG 215 MPi targets a more demanding audience, balancing performance and affordability. Ultimately, the choice between these models depends on the user's specific needs, skill level, and the nature of their welding projects. 
Lincoln Electric provides options that cater to a spectrum of users, ensuring quality welding solutions for every job type. If you’re wanting to elevate your welding game with Arc Solutions's full range of Lincoln welding solutions, visit our collection here.

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