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What You Need To Know Before Buying A Lincoln Welder

Whether new to welding or a seasoned veteran, there is a machine for you. But, before purchasing a welder you want to make sure it fits your needs and expectations. Let’s talk about what a Lincoln Electric welder can or can’t do for you.

Your Welding Machine Essentials

First, we can start with the bare necessities to weld from a MIG or TIG perspective.

Things Typically Included

Welder – Generally, a Lincoln Electric machine will come with the essentials. For example, when purchasing a POWER MIG 256, your MIG gun, ground clamp, drive roll, wire guide, and gas regulator with hose kit all come included in the box. On this specific Lincoln Electric MIG welder there is a built-in undercarriage with an easy-load gas cylinder platform.

The model of welder you purchase from your Lincoln welder dealer will dictate if there are more or less items included, such as 1 lb spools of wire to get started or the appropriate consumables compatible with your machine’s gun. If you are TIG welding, purchasing the appropriate TIG rod would be on your list of additional items to purchase.

Additional Welding Products To Purchase

Shielding gas – This item on its own is NOT included with any of the Lincoln welders. For MIG welding, 75% Argon and 25% CO2 is required, and TIG welding requires 100% Argon.

Safety – The two biggest PPE items that are needed are a welding hood (helmet) and gloves. There are a variety of lenses and shades that are adjustable to each consumer and project. The 3350 Lincoln helmet series is equipped with an auto-darkening lens, cutting out the time to take your hood on/off and adjust darkness levels. 

Pliers/Welpers – These are a great purchase for a multitude of reasons! Pliers and welpers can hold the materials you’re welding, cut or pull through MIG wire, and help change and clean out consumables.

Pros And Cons

The next angle we want to look at when searching Lincoln welders for sale are the pros and cons. Whether professional or hobbyist, the first thing most people consider is cost. Compared to the other small machines that you can find at your local hardware store, a Lincoln Electric welder may appear to be pricey. However, the old saying stands true, “You get what you pay for.”

As previously mentioned, with almost all welding machines there are additional items to purchase which also contribute to the cost factor. These items include, but are not limited to: safety equipment, shielding gas and appropriate tools. Depending on your project or job, this list can increase exponentially. Once prepared for the initial cost, a person can usually justify the upkeep of their welding equipment. Lincoln Electric welders are well recognized for their quality and standards, and welding service centers like Arc Solutions Inc. help keep them up and running for as long as possible. Depending on your purchase Lincoln Electric has an excellent warranty program that will help get your registered machine up and running again should something happen.

Much of what goes into a welder’s experience is their knowledge of the trade. Basic things like ensuring proper clarity in a welding helmet by changing your inner or outer cover lens can make a huge difference. Also, dirty surfaces or consumables can taint the quality of your weld. Making sure your consumables and materials are clean will easily improve your weld experience.

Easy On The User

Lincoln welders are great, because as we discussed in the earlier segment, most of the welders come with what you need to get started. Then maintaining and replacing your consumables is easy. This is a definite positive for someone looking to purchase a Lincoln welder that isn’t a ‘seasoned professional’ so to speak, because it gives the hobbyist a leg to stand on. Another user-friendly feature with Lincoln welders is the display screen that helps achieve the proper settings for your project. This display allows the welder to see the voltage, which controls how the weld “wets out.” This feature helps everyone from a hobbyist to an industrial welder when completing a job, thus reiterating its user versatility.

Ask The Right Welding Equipment Questions

When it comes to investing in a Lincoln Electric welder, there are many questions to consider. Do I have the right tools? How much will the proper accessories for my welder and myself cost? If I do purchase a welder, and something breaks, what do I do? We’ve got the answers! Grab what you need for your next project on our pages for consumables,safety equipment,MIG and TIG welders, and machine repair. With our large selection of products, you can research the best option and make the right decision.

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